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About VM-V

VM-V are full featured, reliable performance, and great value arcade fight stick. so everyone can enjoy fighting games better.

  • Real Arcade Parts (Sanwa Japan and Korean Fanta)
  • Fast input and Autodetect to PS3, PS4, and PC (X-input)
  • Build handle, Cable Storage, and Hanger pin
  • Support Artwork (top, fornt, and back panel)
  • Dimension 45 X 22.5 cm, about 2.5-3 kg
  • Firmware upgradeable to maintain performance
  • Support L3, R3, touchpad button, and SOCD
  • Support Audio

VM-V Arcade Fight Stick is Powered by Brook FB+


” We don’t stop playing because we grow old,
  We grow old because we stop playing “
George Bernard Shaw


VM-V line up

Great Overall Performance

VM-V JAP ($225 USD)

The most popular model. Using sanwa JLF stick and sanwa OBSF buttons, JLF stick deliver sensitive and precision input, perfect for beginners to professionals.

Perfect Dynamic Execution


VM-V KOR ($225 USD)

Using Fanta Myungshin stick (special silicone grommet) and sanwa OBSF buttons, Fanta stick perfect for faster neutral and seamless circular motion. 

Win it With Science

VM-V ABC ($210USD)

All Button Controller using sanwa buttons for all inputs. “SOCD Cleaner” inside Brook PCB create new possibilities to shortcut “difficult” executions.

Performance Mod

Golden Fanta

Golden Fanta

learn more
Golden Fanta is 49USD/set
Shipping by EMS
For shipping to other countries please contact us

Golden Fanta Mod kit

for Myoungshin & Taeyong

“There is no such as perfect stick, everyone have their own preference.”
Using this mod kit you will be able to make your own customized korean stick to match your playstyle.

Shaft is made from brass (anti corrosion and tough)
8mm ; 9mm ; 10mm. “bigger size = shorter throw”

Actuator is made from Bronze (anti corrosion and wear resistant)
15mm ; 15.5mm ; 16mm ; 16.5mm. “bigger size = more sensitive”

Silicone Elastomer Grommets (resilient and elastic)
Clear 35 ; Green 45 ; Blue 55 ; Red 65
“bigger number = higher tension =faster neutral”

Switch Support to maintain the switches at flat and steady position under heavy pressure.

*Sanwa Battop compatible LB-35 (clear sanwa battop have different height, not recommended for this kit)

Sanwa JLF spring set

The famous sanwa JLF will have more tension using this set.
“more tension = faster neutral”
perfect for rapid execution.

Made from Industrial grade Stainless Steel.
1 set includes 4 sizes : 
0,7mm ; 0.8mm ; 0.9mm ; 1mm.
“bigger size = more tension”

*if you battop user, you have try this set to compensate the lighter tension.

JLF spring set

JLF spring set

Arcade Fight Stick Repair And Upgrade Service

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