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Golden Lever Born From FGC

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Golden Lever Born From FGC

evo2018 lowhigh win_feature

Tekken Lowhigh winning EVO 2018

Rangchu golden project

Tekken Rangchu winning TWT 2018

Golden Project World Champ Custom Lever

Golden project started as community project. We see big potential in Korean lever design, especially for 3D games like Tekken, movements are very crucial and we need lever that match our play-style. At that time there wasn’t much Korean parts available for us to do mod, so we decided to start this project. Everyone is unique and have their own preference, that's why we create parts with different spec and sizes, so everyone can build setup according to their play-style. We got tremendous support by FGC, they help us from funding to design. Then after couple batch we got noticed by some pro player, Kodee and Lowhigh was the first one using our project in competitive scene, then followed by others including Rangchu, CBM, Mulgold, Ulsan, and many other. We are very proud can be part of great talents winning world champ title and helps FGC to enjoy the game better.
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"Cherry Berry Mango"
3rd place EVO Japan 2019, 2nd place Mixup TWT 2019
Rangchu golden project

Tekken Rangchu winning TWT 2018

Golden Lever Final of golden project

Golden Lever
Golden Project Best Tech Turn Into Lever

VM-V are Design for Competition and Great For Traveling

  • Golden Lever and Sanwa Buttons
  • Autodetect to PS3, PS4, and PC (X-input)
  • Build in Handle and Cable Storage
  • Dimension 45 X 22.5 cm, about 2.5-3 kg
  • Firmware upgradeable to maintain performance
  • Support L3, R3, touchpad button, and SOCD
  • Detachable USB Cable & Support Audio

VM-V powered by brook Fighting Audio +

Video Tutorial how to install Golden parts

  • Golden Lever

  • Korean Lever Basic

  • Shaft and Actuator

  • Rubber and Core

  • Switch and Plates

  • Golden Collar

  • Golden Base

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